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It is a holding company registered in Dubai (UAE). Previously, the company was engaged in oil and gas production, refining and selling petroleum products on global markets, and transporting, storing, and shipping oil and petroleum products.

In 2020, the company started producing its own electricity using gas generators manufactured by Caterpillar (USA) and started mining digital assets (Bitcoin) at its own Data Centres (mining farms).

Our misson

We create a unique digital asset that not only secures your income from inflation and devaluation but also has the potential to increase your income in the future.

Your wealth is in your hands.


The technology of decentralised storage and distributed entry of transaction records based on cryptographic methods of information security


The activity of creating new blocks in the blockchain to enable the operation of cryptocurrency platforms


The decentralised digital currency of the peer-to-peer payment system of the same name, where users carry out transactions independently, without centralised control and intermediaries


Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies

On February 3, 2021, AQ Group Holding established the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies (KABT).

KABT represents companies involved in blockchain technology and data centre operations.

The Association promotes the development of blockchain technology in Kazakhstan and advises government agencies

on adopting legislation regulating and supporting the crypto industry.
Renewable Energy

The transition to green energy is a global trend set by the world's largest economies.

AQ GROUP supports governments' efforts and plans to realise digital mining through renewable energy sources.

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