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«AQ Group»

A family owned group of companies registered in Dubai (UAE).

The company generates electricity from natural gas and mines digital assets (mainly bitcoin) at own data centers.


We create digital assets that you can invest in to gain from their value growth.

We help provide new ways to protect your savings and ensure your future is financially sound.


a technology for decentralized storage and distributed recording of transactions based on cryptographic methods of information protection


activities to create new blocks in the blockchain to ensure the functioning of cryptocurrency platforms


Decentralized digital currency of the peer-to-peer payment system of the same name, where users carry out transactions on their own, without centralized control and intermediaries


(Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies)

On February 3, 2021, AQ Group established the Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain Technologies (KABT).

KABT represents businesses involved in blockchain technology and data center operations.

The Association facilitates the development of blockchain in Kazakhstan and advises government agencies on the adoption of legislation regulating and supporting the crypto industry.
Renewable Energy

Transition to green energy is a global trend set by the world’s leading economies.

AQ Group supports this change and plans to increase the share of digital mining with the use of renewable energy.

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